About Us

This dream began in 2016 with our mobile boutique. What’s a mobile boutique? It was once a short charter bus that we re-outfitted to look like a little retail boutique on the inside (see below). We would drive around Atlanta to events, park the bus, open its doors and invite people inside to shop for clothing, jewelry, and accessories. For a year, we did that part-time, and at nights we were making our own lotions and soaps because the Georgia heat and humidity is tough on the skin and store bought products were not helping our dry skin. We quickly learned that this was more than a nighttime/side hobby and decided to dive full time into making products that actually worked for dry/sensitive skin.  

After years of formulating and testing our line of products, here we are in 2022 ready to bring our products to you!  Because La Reign Handcrafted is handcrafted (😀), we removed all the filler ingredients that inundate mass-produced products that clutters the shelves of big box stores. Instead, we turned to understanding plant chemistry and utilized that knowledge to guide us in properly making plant based products.  Every ingredient was selected for their amazing properties for the skin and that also compliments each other very well, resulting in a skin-nourishing outcome.  The materials we use to curate the home scents are also made with plant based components such as, soy & bamboo.  

Responsibly sourced, plant-derived, and made with the end user in mind, we hope you will truly be satisfied!


With Love and Light,

La Reign Handcrafted

Mom & Daughter